greenrose18 (greenrose18) wrote,

Meдведь уходит на работу. Я говорю:" I love you,- и (совершенно неожиданно для самой себя), - Stay Hydrated."

Медведь с ужасом посмотрел на меня и убежал.

Я не знаю, откуда взялось это "stay hydrated", because I don't even stay hydrated. I do not care about being hydrated. I never drink. I know it is bad - I have to compel myself to drink because it is good for our health and it makes us lose weight but I am not a maniac of staying hydrated, au contraire, I keep forgetting to stay hydrated because I do not like water and I do not have a natural desire to drink. I do not feel thirsty ever. I am not like people who drink, and drink, and drink, and you can see them with a water bottle all the time. I have to make myself drink. I have to compel myself to drink. I have to apply force. And yet today I sent my husband out to the world with words "stay hydrated." What is wrong with me? :-)
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