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I am incredibly angry and frustrated because now, instead of going to bed after a very long day, I have to work in order to e-mail my boss a finished product by morning. It's always pisses me off when people ask me to draft something for them so they can put their name on it but when you deliver the product, they always make changes. Then do not ask someone to write things with your name on it. No two people in the world have the same writing style, and of course a person will always be able to make changes because they would have written it differently. Every single time yesterday and today when I delivered a finished product, I was told something like this,"Oh, you know what else would be a good idea?" Come on, make up your mind! Gather all yourthoughts and then make comments. There is always going to be something to add. Isn't it so much easier to add a couple of things by yourself instead of dragging your subordinate into your office (через час по чайной ложке)and telling them to add one sentence an hour.
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