greenrose18 (greenrose18) wrote,

Edward Hill conquers America

Не могу остановиться, хохочу истерически при просмотре этого клипа. Мама посмотрела, говорит: Что ты смеёшься, в наше время это было нормальным явлением, пел парень, ну и что?

Комментарии американцев на Ютубе (они почему-то все убеждены, что он накурился гашиша):

omg, that guy looks like a bloodthirsty maniac! give him a knife and he with this song will be scarier than dr. Lector! ))
but its still makes me smile =) 3 min of positive

This guy is too weird, but after 3 days, our 14 month old daughter still loves to see him and my husband is STILL singing this and we always get a good laugh out of it. This is not even a song! What in the world? It is just la la la la and he is actually laughing! That is not a song! It doesn't make any sense but it is hysterical! What's with the arm movements? Is he high?

This guy would be perfect for Viagra or Cialis commercials.  hahaha
feels like my brains are getting raped
I think this would be highly amusing if drunk or high... but when sober, it is just intriguing...

Our fourteen month old daughter loves to watch and listen to this guy! He is hysterical!

how can he be alive after this kind of singing ?

Комментарий от русскоязычного:
Это видео нужно запретить. Оно пропагандирует ЛСД детям.

Tags: funny, life in soviet union

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